San Miguel Runner Raises Funds for Food

San Miguel resident Ryan Norwood is passionate about running. Although he is an experienced runner, Ryan has never attempted a 42k marathon.  Earlier this year, he set a personal goal to accomplish the grueling task to complete the classic distance and has been training hard for an upcoming attempt at the end of March. His training consists of daily runs early in the mornings, eating a plant-based diet, hydration, and getting a good night sleep.

To give more meaning to his effort, Ryan decided to use the opportunity to raise funds for a local charity. Ryan chose Feed the Hungry as the recipient of his fundraiser because he appreciates the importance of supporting local families facing hardships during these challenging times. As a proponent of plant-based nutrition, he was also impressed to learn that Feed the Hungry’s food bags contain almost 100% rich nutrient plant origin items such as oats, beans, rice, lentils, soy, and oil. “I’d like to take the opportunity to raise awareness for plant-based eating, which has fueled my training, and also to raise money for a tremendous and impactful local non-profit, Feed the Hungry San Miguel,” commented Ryan.   

Ryan ran his solo-marathon on March 23 on the road to Alcocer. In addition to crossing off one of the items on his bucket list, he is happy he will be able to raise money for such a worthy cause and inspire others to eat healthier. His marathon effort and supporters raised $6,200USD which will be used to sponsor the Feed the Families program, distributing 8,000 food bags every month to families in need.  “We are thankful for the creativity and commitment of a young man like Ryan. His commitment to raising funds for families in need is indeed inspiring. I am so impressed by what Ryan is doing,” said Kathy West, Feed the Hungry Trustee. 

Some of our traditional fundraising methods (such as events and tours) are currently halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but thanks to Ryan and many others who understand these new ways of fundraising, Feed the Hungry is able to continue its mission and keep our food program “running.”  Feed the Hungry must raise $100,000 dollars per month to provide food to the nearly 20,000 people benefiting from the Feed the Families emergency relief program. 

  • Social media fundraisers to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc.   
  • Moviethons   
  • Walks /Runs 
  • Talent   
  • Simple “Online Fundraisers” to inspire donations, without any action attached   

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