Together We Give!

This November 30, Feed the Hungry San Miguel will be participating in Giving Tuesday.

Even in times of economic uncertainty, we each have a deep reserve of generosity, which we can deploy in myriad ways to make a difference–your time, your kindness, your skills, your voice are all things you can give in addition to charitable donations.

GivingTuesday is an opportunity for people around the world to come together to thank, help, give, show kindness, and share what they have with those in need.

There are hundreds of ways to participate in GivingTuesday. Whether you give your voice, goods, your time, or your money, being generous is a way to fight for the causes you care about and help people in need.

Here are some ideas you might consider:

  • Share kindness with your neighbors.
  • Volunteer virtually or share your talents
  • Give your voice to a cause that matters to you
  • Show gratitude to healthcare workers, service providers, and other essential workers who are making sure we still have the services we rely on, even at risk to their own health.
  • Give to your favorite charity. We hope you choose Feed the Hungry San Miguel’s as your charity of choice and give a donation today.
  • Talk about giving and generosity using the hashtag #GivingTuesday

Stay tuned to our Facebook channel as there will be more way we will show our participation online.

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