Volunteer in the Spotlight: Marsha Cantrell

Feed the Hungry relies heavily on a dedicated corps of volunteers to pack food supplies and deliver them to our 36 school kitchens. However, for safety reasons, volunteers are not currently performing these tasks. Just the same, many continue to stay in tune and in touch, and are looking forward to rejoining us when the time is right. Here is what one of our volunteers recently wrote to us:

“From my earliest visits to San Miguel, I selected Feed the Hungry as a personal ministry. I have donated time and treasure to this cause, as well as to myriad causes in the United States. Although there are many people in the U.S. facing the threat of hunger, there is access to various governmental, charitable, religious, community, and private resources for help. 

Unlike the people FTH serves, they don’t live in homes with dirt floors, lacking electricity, running water, or a source of heat. The needy in San Miguel don’t benefit from food stamps, unemployment insurance, paid time off, etc. There is no safety net.

A compelling reason for my support of FTH is that even the smallest gift makes a huge difference.  The money goes straight to the cause. Food is delivered directly to the hungry men, women, and children in outlying rural areas by volunteers driving their personal vehicles, using their own fuel.  What one can purchase and distribute through FTH would cost many times over in the U.S. and take far longer to reach communities in need.

It is hard to grasp the miracle that our little organization now feeds over 4,000 entire families. FTH is doing a Herculean task. Thank all of you. I feel totally humbled to be even a tiny drop in this sea of mercy.”

– Marsha Cantrell, Tallahassee, Florida

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