Amistad Canada Team Visit to Feed the Hungry San Miguel’s Headquarters

In February, we were privileged to welcome the remarkable team from Amistad Canada to our headquarters in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico! It was an absolute honor to conduct them on a tour of the Adlerbert Center, which accommodates our warehouse, distribution center, and administrative offices.

Our dedicated Operations team revealed the inner workings of our programs and the immense effort required to deliver meals and food to 47 locations within our municipality. They gained valuable insights into the intricacies and hard work involved in ensuring that those who are hungry receive the nourishment they need. From meticulous planning and organizing, to sourcing and distributing, every step is crucial in our mission to make a tangible difference. 

Witnessing our visitors’ genuine interest and eagerness to learn more about our programs and operations truly inspired us. It served as a powerful reminder of the potential impact that collaboration can have when communities—and nations—unite for a common cause.  

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Amistad Canada team for taking the time to call on us and for their unwavering support of our mission. Their visit has opened up exciting possibilities for future collaborations and initiatives that will further advance our shared goal of alleviating hunger and supporting communities in need. 

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