Annual Walk/Run/Bike for Food Challenge: A Perfect Day for a Worthy Cause

On Sunday, October 22, Viñedo Dos Búhos in San Miguel hosted Feed the Hungry San Miguel’s Annual Walk/Run/Bike for Food Challenge. An incredible turnout of more than 400 individuals came together to support a cause close to their hearts while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and perfect weather.  

The day was nothing short of remarkable, as participants selected their preferred activity, whether it be walking, running, or biking, and embarked on a mission to alleviate hunger in the community. Shortly before 9:00 am, the Zumba warm-up exercise kicked off, expertly led by the one and only Cesar Espinosa, elevating the energy in the venue to new heights. The atmosphere was electric as DJ Donny Masterson and Ezequiel’s Rock Band took the stage. The mood and ambiance were simply unrivaled. 

The event received a special boost from the presence and participation of Aaron Diaz, renowned actor and advocate of hunger relief, and his mother, Robin Spencer de Diaz. Their longstanding commitment to eradicating hunger in our community since 1984 has provided invaluable inspiration to many. Their presence on this day served as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the impact a united effort can have. 

Paco Garay, Feed the Hungry Trustee (left) and Aaron Diaz, Actor and Advocate of Hunger Relief

The success of the Walk/Run/Bike for Food Challenge would not have been possible without the dedicated support of numerous individuals and organizations. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the fundraising volunteers, business sponsors, restaurants, charitable organizations, CANIRAC Restaurant members, and local municipality officials who lent their presence and contributed to the cause. Their participation allowed attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the important work being done and encouraged community engagement. Each contribution, no matter how big or small, made a difference in the lives of those in need.  

We also need to acknowledge the efforts of Paola Juárez, Feed the Hungry San Miguel Communications Director, for a superb job conceiving, planning, and organizing the event.  

Prepare yourselves for an even more significant impact in 2024, when our fifth annual Walk/Run/Bike for Food Challenge will be a part of our celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of our founding. As plans are already underway to make the next event memorable, let us continue to unite in combatting hunger and making a positive change in our community. 

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