An Evening to Remember: Feed the Hungry San Miguel’s 40th Anniversary Gala

Welcome to the exclusive photo gallery of the 40th Anniversary Gala! We invite you to relive the enchanting moments and cherished memories of this extraordinary celebration. 

Relive the joy and elegance as you browse through the stunning collection of photographs captured during the gala. From the grand entrance to the dazzling dance floor, every snapshot encapsulates the spirit of this historic event.

To access the gallery, please log in using the email address you provided during the gala registration. Additionally, make sure to enter the password that was sent to you in a previous communication. Once logged in, you will have the privilege to not only view the photos but also download and share them with your contacts.

Indulge in nostalgia, share the magic, and keep the memories alive. We hope this gallery serves as a delightful reminder of the milestone that brought us all together. 

We would like to thank Lani Wilson and Javier Blanco, the talented photographers who generously donated their time and skills to capture the magic of our Gala event.

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