Help Out, Have Fun, Feel Good Volunteering

We are so fortunate to have the support of our tireless volunteers, who get up early every week and, full of selfless enthusiasm, pack food items and deliver them to the communities we serve. The packers have fun working together at the clean and safe Feed the Hungry Center, and the drivers see the other side of San Miguel de Allende as they venture to areas of that are off the beaten path.

Volunteers also help out at fundraising events such as the annual Walk/Run/Bike for Food event, or help stuff envelopes for direct mail campaigns.

A volunteer group teaches English to children and adults in the community of Los Ricos de Abajo. This group also raises funds for a Scholarship Program.

We value our volunteers every day, and honor them at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic at Hacienda Santa Clara (funded by private sponsors).

We invite you to experience the joy of volunteering for Feed the Hungry!

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1 thought on “Help Out, Have Fun, Feel Good Volunteering”

  1. Jonna Stratton

    We combined the Saturday dry goods packing with the Monday fresh produce packing so there no longer is a Saturday group

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