President’s Letter

Over the past 18 months, Feed the Hungry has delivered more than a metric kiloton of food through our Feed the Families initiative, providing essential nutrition for thousands of desperate families.

Kiloton is a powerful word. It is typically understood as a measurement of energy and destructive power. But for us, it represents something much more positive: the massive amount of food we have packaged and dispensed to battle hunger.

The Feed the Families program was launched in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 emergency, when thousands of already impoverished families lost their sources of income and were in dire need of help. The one thousand metric tons of food provided to struggling families in the San Miguel de Allende municipality represents more than 13,000,000 meals and a lifeline for more than 20,000 people.

While our traditional focus has been providing nutrition to school-aged children, the Early Childhood Nutrition program, which addresses the needs of children under the age of four, expanded to seven communities during the pandemic. Three more communities will be receiving the benefits of the program this year.

Although public schools have reopened, classes are only in the morning, and attended by just half of the student population per day. We are working on an amended school nutrition program that might be feasible during this transition period. It will be an unprecedented challenge for us to manage three distinct meal programs: school lunches, Feed the Family food bags, and the Early Childhood Nutrition program.

Every two weeks, Feed the Hungry delivers food bags to 37 communities. In addition, 24 other NGOs and community advocates pick up food bags from the Feed the Hungry Center to
distribute to their beneficiaries.

Needless to say, our personnel and budgets are stretched thin. But with your support and the hard work of our incredible teams, we plan to continue doing all that we can to help our neighbors avoid starvation.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have been able to provide food bags for the following groups and individuals to distribute to their beneficiaries as well, extending our reach beyond the communities we deliver to.

  • Casa Hogar Mexiquito boys orphanage
  • Casa Hogar Santa Julia girls orphanage
  • IREE special needs school
  • ALMA nursing home
  • S.O.M.E. (So Others May Eat)
  • C.A.S.A. de la Loma
  • Guardians de Guadiana
  • Sisters of Las Monjas
  • Rancho Viejo Kinder
  • Agua Salada Community
  • Begoña del Progreso Community
  • Moral de Puerto de Nieto Community
  • EEESMA school for the deaf
  • Centro Infantil de Los Angeles
  • Mujeres en Cambio
  • ED Caminos
  • Mano Amiga
  • JC3 Community
  • Carmen Delzell – delivers 240 bags monthly
  • Joy Rockwell and Mary Finley – delivered 425 bags
  • Vicky Moore – delivered 54 bags monthly
  • Les Pearson – delivers 60 bags monthly
  • Ben and Lori Green – delivered 40 bags monthly
  • Joyce Meyers – delivers 8 bags monthly

– Al Kocourek

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