A Community We Support: Sosnabar


The Feed the Hungry San Miguel kitchen in the community of Sosnabar has been in operation since 2011. During school year 2023-2024, our kitchen will serve a hot lunch every school day to more than 235 children attending the Naciones Unidas elementary school and the José de los Reyes Martinéz preschool—more than 40,000 meals per school year. Purified water is also delivered to the schools for meal preparation and consumption by students and teachers.   

Location Statistics 

The community of Sosnabar is located 16 kilometers from the Feed the Hungry Center.  The most recent INEGI census (2020) reported a population of 1,028 men, women, and children residing in 273 households. Only 65% of homes had indoor sanitary facilities. Of residents over 12 years of age, 46% were employed.  Children under 14 years of age made up 33% of the population. More than 15% of the adult residents were reported to be illiterate. The average amount of schooling achieved by adults was less than 7 years.  

Nutrition Report School Year 2022-2023 

For the latest Nutrition Report, staff nutritionists assessed 143 primaria students through height, weight, and body fat measurements.

Primaria Health Assessment Results 2022-2023 vs 2021-2022 

Results of the 2022-2023 assessment were very encouraging when compared to the previous year’s. Four cases of light underweight were found, with clinical signs of dry hair, brittle nails, depigmented skin, and short stature. These signs show a probable deficiency of foods high in protein and niacin, green leafy vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. These children mentioned that the portion of their food is small for what is recommended, in some cases because the family has little access to food due to their economic condition.

Condition 2022-2023 143 Students Measured 2021-2022 163 Students Measured
Light underweight 3% 22%
Moderate underweight 0% 1%
Severe underweight 0% 4%
Normal 72% 45%
Obese 1% 12%
Overweight 11% 16%
High risk of overweight 13% 0%

The health assessment showed a greater tendency in cases of overweight and obesity in this community, showing 18 cases at risk, 16 overweight, and 2 of the cases of obesity. When interviewed, we learned that the children consume processed foods rich in sugar that they buy after school or during the afternoon. Also, in this community, children have a greater tendency to a sedentary lifestyle since, unlike other communities, they are not involved in their parents’ occupations, and the distances they must travel to carry out their daily activities are not as long as in other communities.

Kinder Health Assessment Results 2022-2023 

The health assessment of 52 kinder students was very positive.  

It is important to continue with constant nutritional monitoring and food surveillance, to reduce the number of cases of overweight and obesity. In cases of underweight, we promote the consumption of foods rich in nutrients, as well as foods that favor the absorption and uptake of nutrients. 

It is expected that through the design of menus specific to these conditions and the continued implementation of workshops and nutritional counseling, even more favorable results will be achieved.  

Condition 2022-2023 52 Students Measured
Light underweight 10%
Moderate underweight 0%
Severe underweight 0%
Normal 81%
Obese 0%
Overweight 4%
High risk of overweight 6%
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