A Community We Support: Zona Ecológica Nuevo Pantoja


The Feed the Hungry San Miguel kitchen at the Francisco Ferrer Guardiola Kinder in Nuevo Pantoja opened August 28, 2017. During school year 2023-2024, 60 kinder (preschool) students will receive a nutritious lunch there every school day.  

In February 2019, Feed the Hungry began operating a kitchen in the elementary (primaria) school as well. During school year 2023-2024, 156 primaria students will be served a hot meal there every school day. Our hydration program also provides clean water in large refillable jugs for the children in the classrooms and for food preparation in the school kitchen.   

There are also six families enrolled in the Early Childhood Nutrition program, which provides food for children who have been weaned but are not yet in school; typically, eight months old to four or five years old. Their mothers receive twice-monthly deliveries of food and educational workshops. 

Location Statistics 

The urban community of Zona Ecológica Nuevo Pantoja is a very poor colonia only 2.3km from central San Miguel de Allende. Many of the working adults are in construction or make bricks to sell. Even though the community is very close to the downtown area of ​​the city, there are serious economic and nutritional deficiencies.  

At the time of the latest census report (2020), the population of Nuevo Pantoja was 298 men, women, and children in 77 households. Only 52% of the population over age 12 had a source of income. The average level of schooling was 8 years, and 4% were illiterate. 

Nutrition Report – School Year 2022-2023

The analysis of the results of the health assessment shows a significant decrease in cases of underweight children compared to the previous year. However, in even the most impoverished communities that we serve, cases of obesity and overweight are increasing more than expected. This community’s trend towards overweight, the presence of dental caries in almost the entire population, and signs of insulin resistance are evidence of the serious health problems presented by the children due to poor diet. In these kinds of cases, it is not quantity of food but the quality of food that must be addressed. 

Clinical signs related to nutritional deficiencies such as dry skin, dry hair, and brittle nails became evident. On physical examination, most of the children displayed oral problems such as tooth decay and missing teeth. Low protein diet, generalized dehydration, and lack of iron, calcium, and vitamin C are contributors to these conditions.

Our intention is to continue to offer school meals designed to help alleviate these deficiencies, and to continue with nutrition workshops for children and their parents to provide guidance on healthy eating, good hygiene, and the importance of physical activity. 


Condition 120 Primaria Students 40 Kinder Students
Obese 6 2
Overweight 11 1
Risk of overweight 20 3
Normal 79 34
Light underweight 3 0
Moderate underweight 1 0
Severe underweight 0 0
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